• Greg is a natural on the stage, is a wonderful story teller and given his sporting and industry experience he exudes honesty and insight. For everyone in the room, the day brings a number of ‘aha' moments – ‘I get it!' This is a formula that works not only for the company but for the team and the individual.

    Kevin Young
    Managing Director, Sydney Water
  • We had a vision to change the way mining was done in Africa and ‘Unearth Africa’s Potential'. We wanted some trusted, external eyes on our business from an experienced high performance coach and we initially turned to Greg for a different style of thinking to traditional mining to help us navigate. Over time, Greg provided critical insights and coaching to my executive team in relation to our vision, strategy, talent, leadership development, culture and critical business systems. Greg has played an important role in helping us transform the business performance so that now we have a platform for the next stage of our journey…growth.

    Brad Gordon
    CEO, Acacia Mining PLC
  • A role like mine is, many times, exhausting, conflicting, confusing and huge. Greg helps me cut through the maize, to see more clearly, in the middle of so many issues, what is important and where my focus must lay. He is an integral part of helping Bravehearts make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child. I can not speak to highly of his capacity to cut through the forest of issues and find the tree of hope.

    Hetty Johnson
    AM, CEO and CHAIR Bravehearts, Women in Business Hall of Fame, Queenslander of the Year.

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