14. How to beat overwhelm
  1. Beating Overwhelm

In this episode we explore the hidden consequences of Overwhelm, the high level neuroscience of the brain, the triggers and a rock solid solution for beating overwhelm from your life.

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Key Points:

The top quotes and messages from this episode include:

The Triune Brain

  • Lizard – Flight for fight
  • Monkey – Emotional monkey
  • Mammalian – High order thinking

The following all negatively effected when you're in overwhelm:

  • relationships at work and home
  • health and fitness
  • work performance, quality, lack of creativity and insight
  • career momentum and opportunities

What triggers overwhelm:

  • doing too many things at once
  • never switching off i.e. always on a device when you have a spare moment
  • bouncing around from one task to the next

Three steps to managing overwhelm:

  1. Mindmaps – to help you step back and take a helicopter view
  2. Daily Focus Session Focus – to reset your mind and focus everyday
    1. Reset Focus
    2. Review meetings and how you’re spending time
    3. Plan and rehearse day ahead
  3. Work Practices – to keep you in the moment

Stay epic