37. Confidence – Part 1 – Blockers

37. Confidence – Part 1 – Blockers

37. The Inner Chief – Minisode – Confidence – Part 1 – Blockers

In this episode I talk about confidence and the critical role it plays in performance and career progression. The topics is huge and I’ve split it out of over two minisodes. In this episode we’ll focus on 7 big blockers that most of us can take practical action to turnaround if pay close attention to our performance.

The 7 blockers we break down are:

  1. Out of practice
  2. Fatigue
  3. Winging it
  4. No muscle memory
  5. Being half committed
  6. Limiting beliefs
  7. Multi-tasking

If you've got a confidence issue that run the ruler of your challenge with each of these and the majority of the time you'll identify a way to break through to a new level of confidence.

Stay epic