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G’day Chiefs,

Thank you for ordering a copy of my book. Seriously, its an honour to think that I might be able to help you in some small way along the journey to a more purposeful and impactful career and life.

What hundreds of GMs, Directors and Heads of department said to me was they wanted a clear blueprint to high impact career that didn’t sacrifice the rest of their life. They wanted more influence, clarity, confidence and personal mastery and they wanted to feel valued and I hope the book provides at least some of that for you.

In brief, I’m glad you’re here. All I ask is that you spread the word, share the wisdom of the Chiefs and be a true Chief in every part of your own life and work. If we all do that, the corporate life will be that much more meaningful and enjoyable for everyone.

As promised here are the templates that will help you nail the content of the book. Direct download (no email required) your free templates here:

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