[{"id":"1","question":"I have defined my purpose for being in business and feel like I'm making a difference through my work. My role is at the intersection of my passions and skills"},{"id":"2","question":"I think of myself as a professional services firm of one and my boss as my customer. I've developed a detailed customer profile for them and worked out how I am best placed serving them."},{"id":"3","question":"I've defined my unique value proposition that makes me stand out from the competition and this is reflected in my resume and social profiles\r\n"},{"id":"4","question":"I have conducted a comprehensive review of the competition for my next role and clearly defined what I have to do to rise above the pack and be a sought after candidate."},{"id":"5","question":"I have reviewed my vision for life with my family and other key people and ensured that this is connected to my career."},{"id":"6","question":"I have a system in place to regularly keep on top life balance. My partner\/signficant others and I regularly connect to make sure we're on the same page in managing our lives"},{"id":"7","question":"I have an annual calendar that breaks down the rhythm of the year. It includes time away from the office for annual review and quarterly review and planning."},{"id":"8","question":"I get \"in-flow\" through activities external to work like playing musical instruments, sport or other hobbies that require complete physical and mental attention."},{"id":"9","question":"I conduct regular in depth reviews of performance with my team that leads to continuous growth."},{"id":"10","question":"I have a private daily focus session to get focused, rehearse key meetings and ensures I spend my time on the most important priorities in the business"},{"id":"11","question":"I have a network of external trusted advisors that I meet with regularly to share our challenges and support each other in work and life."},{"id":"12","question":"My family and friends are in my corner 100%. They know the commitments required for a senior role and support me. In fact, they help me raise my game and are a powerful influence in my success."},{"id":"13","question":"I have strong bonds with my team-mates (peers at the same level of me in the company) and I regularly support them in their work by understanding their challenges and proactively help them to achieve their goals."},{"id":"14","question":"I have identified the unique problems of the executive team members and structured my messaging in meetings to ensure I speak 'their language' while hitting key organisational targets"},{"id":"15","question":"I have an excellent team of high quality people in my team. I have improved or removed every low performer in my team. There is no one holding us back."},{"id":"16","question":"I read, listen, speak to a mentor or enter different work environments to do some form of learning every week."},{"id":"17","question":"I have been taught the skills of accelerated learning and can regularly pick up new topics very fast. E.g. Speedreading, modelling high performers"},{"id":"18","question":"I am an expert in at least one field that is vital to the industry and company I work in."},{"id":"19","question":"I have a structured learning pathway that is designed to bridge the gap between this role and the next. I spend at least $5k of my own money on my development every year and view this as an investment that will return when I get a promotion."},{"id":"20","question":"I have a broad range of experiences in my career and life (e.g. working in different functional areas, working internationally, completing big challenges)."},{"id":"21","question":"I am currently leading a transformation in my department. We have co-developed a vision, values, strategy and measures and are a united towards our big goal"},{"id":"22","question":"As part of the transformation I'm leading we are staying focused on a very small number of high value projects to turn around our department (We are not trying to do too much)."},{"id":"23","question":"I have a strong governance framework around my transformation plans to ensure we invest our funds wisely, stay on track, reduce risk and realise the benefits."},{"id":"24","question":"We have an electric team spirit with clear standards that everyone respects and honours. We are constantly striving to change the game and be the best in the industry."},{"id":"25","question":"I have a great story about a previous business\/department turnaround that I led which I can tell in rich detail"}]