Forge a path into new territory (or don’t and look mediocre)

Sometimes you just have to go where no one else has gone before to get the sweetest rewards.

In business, it can be scary because you won't ever know how its going to turn out. And, of course, what if you stuff it up, then what? Then again what if you don't stuff it up? One thing for certain, is that if you don't do something to forge a new direction you won't end up anywhere different to where you are now.

The pages of your life are blank, you're the one who gets to write what goes in them.

Quick Tips:
1. Pick any relationship that is costing you time and energy – what can YOU do to put it on a new path that has great reward for both people?

2. Look at your departments performance metrics – how similar are they to history over past 3 – 5 years? What would it get a step change upward shift in the numbers?

(Hint – Check out the previous post from Jonathan Ling about which levers you can pull)

By the way – how good is Morocco!? (2006 well South of Marrakesh)

Stay epic