Why the Chief Maker Network?

What hundreds of senior managers have told me is that they just want a clear blueprint to building a high impact career that doesn’t sacrifice the rest of their life. They want more influence, clarity, confidence and personal mastery and they want to feel valued.

So that’s what the Network is all about. In some ways it’s what they don’t teach you in business school about what it really takes to be a highly successful C-Level executive. If you’re being crushed by politics and bureaucracy, overloaded with commitments and feel stalled in your career and personal growth without knowing the next step, then THIS is for YOU.

Membership Privileges

Quarterly Summits

We meet four times a year for two days in cities around the country and Byron Bay. You’ll have close contact with world-class mentors, share and learn from your peers in confidential discussion and have time to review and prepare away from the office.

Online Masterclasses

Greg will lead regular 90 minute live masterclasses for members only to work through the most difficult challenges you’re facing as you lead transformation in your work department.

Accountability Groups

At the quarterly summits you’ll be placed in an accountability group to help you stay on track and for you to share learnings and expand your network beyond the quarterly summits.

Online Learning and Coaching

You’ll have access to the members-only area of the Chief Maker website where you’ll find webinars, templates, and online learning modules all customised for senior leadership roles.

Exclusive Events

Throughout the year we’ll hold exclusive events that are focused on widening your network, learning, raising money for a good cause and having fun with high quality people in the coolest places.

Optional Upgrade to 1:1 Coaching

For those who really want to accelerate their progression we offer 1:1 executive coaching to keep you super focused and accountable throughout the year.

CLOSING SOON - Early Bird Offer - $8,000 + gst

Full Value of Annual Members is over $25,000 with over 8 full days live coaching, accountability groups, live webinars throughout the year and unlimited access to online resources. And of course, your invaluable blue chip NETWORK

Next Steps

The Chief Maker Network is not for everyone. Our application progress, might seem a little rigorous but its about ensuring we have 50 of the highest quality people in the room. The first steps for application are:

You should apply if...

..you didn’t get into business to plateau

High-value professionals like you don’t settle – they keep breaking through barriers and setting the bar higher and higher.


.. office politicking is stalling your progress

Those higher up the corporate ladder aren’t supporting your cause, your peers are competing strongly against you, while those beneath you will do anything to get ahead. There are no threats or barriers in the Network – we’re here to help each other succeed.


.. you want to expand your network

If you’re the smartest, most successful person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.  By immersing yourself in a powerful network of business leaders, you’ll take your professional and personal skills to new heights.


.. you hold respect and professional reputation as vital pillars in your career

You believe that one shouldn’t sacrifice their soul in their rise to the top. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Personal development and building your moral compass into your work is a vital step in the journey for you.

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