4. CEO Paul Broad on breaking the rules to succeed and the importance of personal power

Paul is one of the great reformers of modern Australian business. He has been a CEO for 28 years leading major reform in Hunter Water, Sydney Water, Powertel, AAPT, Infrastructure NSW and Snowy Hydro. He has led many of these companies through corporatization and user pays representing the biggest change in their organisational history.

Key Points:

Paul outlines how important it is to dream and believe in yourself, how as leader sometimes you have to break the rules to succeed and that success comes through personal power.

Paul’s top 10 quotes throughout the podcast are:

  1. “If I saw something I called it, I'd protect the underdog with my life, and I had a sense of justice about me that made me want to do things.”
  2. “I could understand personal power, but I could never understand positional power. Why would people want to exert position power?”
  3. “As a leader sometimes you have to break the rules to succeed. If a rule is there to impede you then you have to challenge the rules.
  4. “If its worth it and you believe in it then fight for it. Don't give up.”
  5. “You have to have personal power, so that means you have to talk to people. You have to front people, sit in trenches, stand with dignity, talk the language they talk, manage through the ups and downs.”
  6. “Where we are going is non-negotiable, how we get there is infinitely negotiable.”
  7. “How you treat those who leave it a big signal to those who stay.”
  8. “You might make changes but you treat those people that are leaving with respect, with dignity.”
  9. “When you start believing your own bullshit then its time to go.”
  10. “Think in terms of outcomes, in terms of collaboration and using modern technology.”

Nominated Charity:

Paul’s nominated charity is Father Chris Riley, Youth off the Streets and I’ve made a donation of $375 in Paul’s name for coming on the show. https://youthoffthestreets.com.au

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1. CEO Kevin Young on achieving things through others and being humble but with fierce resolve

In this Episode you’ll hear from Kevin Young. Kevin has been a CEO for over 13 years and is currently the Managing Director of Sydney Water, Australia’s biggest utility with turnover of over $2.6Bn and more than 2,500 employees. He is also the former MD of Hunter Water and sits on the board of Wateraid International.

In this episode Kevin outlines how to seize the future, be proactive and take risks and this will help you be successful in the modern business world.

We discuss many topics like:
  • A manager is someone who achieves things through others.
  • Be humble and maintain fierce resolve
  • Deciding who is on the bus. And you've got to decide before you know where the bus is going. To pick the people that are going to be with you on the journey. And decide where you're going together.
  • When you're acting up in a role don't make the mistake that this is part time. Act as if you have the full authority of the role. It is full commitment.
  • Unlocking human potential is what will keep you excited everyday.
  • Have a reputation of working well in teams and getting things done.
  • No triangles. If two people keep coming to you with their problems with each other get them together in a room to talk and remove yourself from the conversation.
  • It's not about the technical. It is always about the people.
  • Whenever you get a chance to relieve, you double down your effort and exceed expectations
  • Even in the worst problem there is always a solution there waiting for you.

Kevin nominated www.wateraid.org for his charity and I have donated $250 in his name.

Recommended Books:

The Advantage, Patrick Lencioni

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