Chief Maker

“Chief Maker – How to rise above the pack and get a seat on the executive team” COMING in 2017.


Has your career and personal growth stalled?

Are you overloaded with work and commitments that make it impossible to stay in front of the game?

Are you constantly fighting soul destroying internal politics and bureaucracy when trying to get things done?

The 5-step Chief Maker method outlined in this book is a road-map for any senior manager who wants to rise above the politics and overload of the corporate world and master their profession.

This book is not just about how to get a promotion. It's not just about becoming a high impact Chief Executive Officer; it’s about re-taking command and becoming the Chief Executive of your life. You’ll enjoy a more rewarding and enjoyable career. You'll spend more time with your family and friends, and you’ll be getting results in more than one area of your life.

And most importantly you’ll be leaving your unique mark on the world.

“The future will be written by the fast learning, well-connected,
process driven and laser focused executive.”


Over the past 15 years Greg Layton has searched the planet for the most powerful strategies and techniques in personal and team performance. He has coached CEO's and executive teams of of multi-billion dollar listed companies around the world.

Throughout his time, Greg has also helped elite coaches to get the best out of their athletes, emergency response teams become better life-savers and assisted sporting legends like Martina Natratilova, the Wallabies, and Super Rugby Teams in reaching peak performance levels.

After coaching at all levels of business and at the top of elite sport, Greg recognised a small set of powerful strategies that separate the best from the pack. The best Chiefs did something different. And there was a pattern between them. He translated this into the Chief Maker GREAT Method revealed in this book.

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